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I don’t often become apoplectic with rage, but the caveat in the government’s plans to introduce compulsory sex education from the age of 5, which will allow faith schools to tell kids that…

“having sex outside of marriage, homosexuality or using contraception is wrong.”

…has left me absolutely fuming.

Aside from the fact that surely it doesn’t matter if a person has 1 or 1000 sexual partners if they were all consensual relationships, that marriage is at best an out-moded institution, or that our quite frankly retarded Victorian attitudes to sex and sexuality have done nothing to stem teen pregnancy or rising rates of the clap, why oh why oh why did we get rid of section 28 if it’s OK to teach that homosexuality is wrong. Why do we even bother trying to cut STIs or have a teen pregnancy strategy if some schools are still going to allow crap to be peddled about contraception?

We are seriously letting down our young people in order to save our blushes and appease a few lunatic men in frocks who shouldn’t have any hand in running schools in the first place.

I am, quite frankly, speechless.