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Interesting blog over at Labourhome. I’m not sure where I stand on this: there are problems with the access profile at Oxford and Cambridge but whether an arbritrary system such as this would work, or is indeed desirable, is questionable. As has undoubtedly been pointed out elsewhere, educational inqualities set in very early on: I think it is by the age of seven that a dim rich kid has overtaken a clever poor kid in terms of achievement. Not long after that the difference between them becomes insurmountable.

It is these educational inequalities that underscore the broader inequality in society: how we tackle the structurally and culturally pernicious effects of low, modest, or non-existent parental ambition for children amongst a significant number of families is hard to answer (short of an outright assasult on the family). However, until we can overcome these problems it is difficult to see how we can dismantle what seem to be increasingly ossifying social structures in this country.