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I’ve never been a fan of George Monbiot. I remember watching a programme he made on climate change and thinking it was the most intellectually incoherent argument that I’d ever seen. Ever keen to propound what I’m increasingly led to call ‘trendy leftism’, George has gone one further. Apparently, “This government has been the most right-wing since the second world war.” Of course it has George. Now trot along, eat some muesli, and leave serious comment to people who are able to construct an argument.

Even better though is this. “One fact alone should disqualify this government from office: we have a cabinet of war criminals.” Now I don’t want to dredge up Iraq: that said, I think that this kind of line, which is used to compare the government to the Nazis, is pretty disgraceful. Like a lot of people who like to adopt fashionable causes (more, I suspect, out of wanting to look with-it than from any deep-held principle), Monbiot is more interested in posturing than achieving. Like parts of the party in the past, he seems to believe that campaigning involves finding a cause, writing polemics about said cause, and then getting bitter after the inevitable defeat.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. As Polly Toynbee identifies (also in today’s Grauniad), this government has done more for poor pensioners and young people than any other since Lloyd George. Yes there’s more to do. Yes we have to reconnect with people’s concerns. But these concerns are primarily economic in nature: inflation, mortgage rates and tax. As such, they can be addressed by sensible measures and a firm hand. Whilst the global situation reduces our room to act, we can still make a difference for ordinary people struggling with the increasing cost of living. Surely, that is more important than brandishing the spectre of Nuremburg?