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Words fail me. The Home Office wants to create a database of every phone call and email sent in the UK. I mean, what is there for critics to be worried about? After all, the government obviously has such rigorous provisions in place when it comes to handling personal data.

Anyway, I don’t know where to begin with this. I’ll put my hand up and declare myself a massive civil libertarian before we proceed: liberty is one of the founding concepts in my approach to politics. Perhaps that bias makes me unsuitable to comment on the merits of cataloguing the communications of every citizen. Even so, who came up with this idea? Given that 42 days is such a joke of a policy that will probably be treated as a confidence vote (and will probably be lost), who decided that what we need right now is yet more authoritarian legislation?


Companies want to create a black-list of ‘bad-eggs’ so that they can confer between them over who is unemployable. One thing I’m interested in (if any lawyers out there can answer) is where¬†this sits with data protection laws?