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It’s great to see that my colleague in the Oxford Labour Party, Cllr Joe McManners, got a motion passed last year to ensure that all City Council employees are paid at least £7 per hour, effective from April. Getting measures like this passed is particularly critical in cities like Oxford where the cost of living is so high. Hopefully, now that Labour has regained the reins of power at Oxford Town Hall, the extraordinary purchasing power and influence of the council can be brought to bear on all employers across the city to give workers a fair hourly rate.

It’s by taking a lead on issues like this that Labour can differentiate itself from rest: it’s in local government that parties show their true colours, as Polly Toynbee identified a few weeks ago. Whereas Labour councils invest in services, the Tories are reducing youth provision, cutting funding to libraries and school transport, and giving less support to voluntary organisations. So, aside from the obvious political benefits of having a strong base in local government, it is (unsurprisingly) crystal clear that people and families on low incomes benefit from having a local Labour council. We just need to get out there and start selling that message.