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Apparently, our campaign team is following the Conservative candidate around wearing Eton top hat and tails. He didn’t go to Eton, but then, why should the truth matter when it comes to making a particularly crass, ineffective, and divisive point about class? Surely they realise that this is going to backfire?

Morevoer, as Dominic Lawson in today’s Independent, has pointed out, our attack on inherited wealth and status “jars almost comically with Labour’s decision to field as its candidate Tamsin Dunwoody, the daughter of the late MP for Crewe and Nantwich, Gwyneth Dunwoody – who was herself the daughter of the former general secretary of the Labour Party, Morgan Phillips.”

Surely someone realises that these attacks don’t work? Cameron went to Eton, and he’s ahead in the polls. Boris went to Eton, and he bloody well won. Sometimes, I despair…